TBI care you can trust

Lutheran Services Carolinas has been serving those with traumatic brain injuries (TBI) for 20 years and has established itself as a leader in the field. We offer a growing array of long-term supportive services for TBI survivors. 

Lutheran Services Carolinas provides a comprehensive array of community, residential, and support services, including case management, health care, and rehabilitation, to people of all ages.  Many of those services have been specifically designed to help adults with varying degrees of disability, including those with traumatic brain injuries, live as fully and independently as possible. The overall goal is for clients to achieve their greatest potential at their own pace.

TBI-Specific Services We Offer

Group Homes

LSC operates several licensed group homes in North Carolina designed specifically for those recovering from TBI. Our first home, Lippard Lodge, was opened in 2001 in Winston-Salem and was named in honor of the family who worked tirelessly to establish the home. Since then, LSC has added Whittecar Home in Raleigh, and our latest homes, opening in 2020, located in Durham.

Each home is licensed by the North Carolina Division of Health Services Regulation (DHSR) as a Supervised Living 6-bed home for adults and offers residents round-the-clock assistance, supervision designed to strengthen independence, as well as encouragement for community integration. Our Certified Brain Injury Staff assist individuals with activities of daily living, encourage positive friendships, build skills toward independent living, and increase socialization to maximize potential.

Whole Person Care

LSC is committed to coordinating care and maintaining
close partnerships with each individual’s TBI-related
medical practitioners. To accomplish this, we first ensure
that our clients attend all critical medical care
appointments. We proactively share appropriate and
permitted information with medical care providers so
they have a full and current picture of each individual’s
condition. We then seek out and implement
recommended treatment modifications for improved
care. This integrated approach to whole-person care
results in better informed treatment planning as well as
improved outcomes and satisfaction.

Crisis Intervention & Stabilization

LSC has served individuals with TBI for 20 years, and we are aware of, and equipped to handle, behavioral crises that can occur during care. To address this proactively, LSC works with each resident at admission and regularly throughout care to identify any potential triggers that might lead to behavioral crisis. We carefully document in each resident's crisis plan the likely antecedents to a crisis, and then describe the least restrictive practical interventions that are to be implemented in order to restore a sense of safety and security. As a result, residents gain insight into their recovery without disruption to care.

Family Host Homes

LSC believes that everyone deserves to live in a family environment, so we offer specialized family host homes for those with TBI who need a residential level of care, but in a family setting. Family host home care can be an entry-level service or a step-down from group living, as appropriate.

Our host homes are located in various communities across North Carolina. Our specially trained host families provide support, encouragement and supervision to individuals with
TBI, offering them the opportunity to enjoy life as part of a family unit as they recover from a traumatic brain injury.

To ensure that our host home residents are safely
maintained at this level of care, LSC provides weekly nurse
check-ins. A nurse reviews each resident’s condition and
care weekly so that his or her medical needs are properly
integrated into the overall care LSC provides.

Home & Community-Based Services

LSC's Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) are
designed to provide the least restrictive level of formal
supports needed for individuals with TBI. Both
habilitative and rehabilitative interventions are
personalized for each individual based on his or her
goals. These services are designed to help those with TBI
in attaining their highest desired level of independence
and can include life skills training, independent living
skills development, personal care, supported
employment, community networking, and
companionship care. Known as wraparound care, these
services can be added, tailored, and then ultimately
reduced as the individual makes gains toward greater

Exciting Update!


New funded services soon to be available for survivors of Traumatic Brain Injury in Mecklenburg and Orange Counties.


Alliance Health oversees the TBI Waiver program in North Carolina. The TBI Waiver program is designed specifically for survivors of traumatic brain injury who need assistance in meeting their daily needs. Historically, Alliance Health oversees care for Medicaid recipients in Wake, Johnston, Durham, and Cumberland Counties.

Recently, Mecklenburg and Orange Counties joined Alliance Health.

 And here’s what’s NEW…

Alliance is in the process of expanding the TBI Waiver program to Mecklenburg and Orange Counties! To qualify as a participant in the TBI Waiver program, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Reside in Mecklenburg or Orange County
  • Have a medically documented traumatic brain injury that occurred on or after your 18th birthday
  • Be Medicaid-eligible
  • The brain injury has caused you to struggle to fully care for yourself

As an approved TBI provider under the TBI Waiver, Lutheran Services Carolinas wants to help as many TBI survivors as we possibly can. If interested, all Medicaid eligible TBI survivors residing in Mecklenburg and Orange Counties are encouraged to notify Alliance of your interest in participating in the TBI Waiver!

Please contact Alliance Health at: 800-510-9132 and specify that you’re calling about TBI Services, or for more information, please click here. 


A brick ranch-style house with a green lawn and shrubbery.

We have a new TBI group home, Moretz Manor in Durham, N.C., that is currently accepting residents.

To learn more about our TBI services, please call us at (919) 960-1157 or submit your inquiry here.


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