Gifts of Securities

Stocks, bonds, and mutual funds

Charitable gifts of appreciated stocks, bonds or mutual funds held for more than one year can provide special tax advantages. The person making the gift (the "donor") can claim a charitable tax deduction for the full fair market value of the securities donated to LSC and will never have to pay capital gains taxes on the appreciation. Securities held less than one year may also be donated but the deduction is limited to the lesser of cost basis or market value.

How to transfer securities to LSC

Organization name: LSA Management, Inc.

Tax I.D. Number: 20-1457236

Account Number Charles Schwab: 6632-7073
DTC Number Charles Schwab: 0164

At the time of the transfer, it would be most helpful if the donor or the donor’s broker could contact Chief Financial Officer Kirby Nickerson, at 704-754-8228 or; or Chief Development Officer Heidi Rixman at 704-603-1701 or

This will assist LSC in matching the transfer to the donor, so that we might provide the donor with an acknowledgement after the stock or fund arrives.

Note: Please transfer the stock or fund to LSC’s account (above) rather than registering the stock in LSC’s name. Thank you.

Deduction: For gifts of publicly traded securities, the deduction is determined by taking the average, or mean, between the high and low trading prices of the security on the date of the gift (or the nearest trading date(s)).

Other securities: Closely held stock, Subchapter S corporate stock, limited liability company interests and partnerships can sometimes be used to make a charitable gift. Any proposed gift of such assets should be reviewed with LSC and the donor's tax advisors in advance. An S corporation, limited liability company or partnership may also donate specific assets and the deduction will be divided among the shareholders or members.