Love One Another Capital Campaign

  “For this is the message you have heard from the beginning, that we should love one another.” (1 John 3:11)


The Love One Another capital campaign is a building block for child and family services in South Carolina. The projects that are part of the campaign will address the emerging critical needs and benefit three groups of people that LSC has been successful at serving for many years. The campaign will include a focus on guiding children and young people, welcoming the stranger, and encouraging individuals with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities.

We invite you to join us as we walk together with all we serve.

Steering Committee

The Rev. Mary M. Finklea – Campaign Chair
Mr. Doug Nelson – Board and Former Board Chair
Ms. Julie Hood – Employee Giving Co-Chair
Mr. Chris Cochran – Employee Giving Co-Chair
The Rev. Eric Fink – Congregation Co-Chair
The Rev. Christopher W. Heavner – Congregation Co-Chair
Mrs. Louise Deely – Regional Leadership Chair

All gifts will go directly to support programs and services as described. No money donated to the Love One Another campaign will be used to defray campaign expenses. Should government funding streams for a program area change, LSC will make every effort to reallocate gifts to similar program opportunities. All funds raised in excess of the goal will be used to help defray unanticipated expenses for any of the stated projects or to address other needs of LSC’s programs and services in South Carolina. 

You can support LSC’s Love One Another campaign by making a gift today.

Campaign Update: LSC announces two challenge goals totaling $200,00!

-Customized Employment for Individuals with Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities

-Case Management for Veterans