Trinity Living Center – Salisbury, NC

Some older adults can become lonely or isolated due to changes in health, resources, or mobility. Adult day service programs, like LSC’s Trinity Living Center in Salisbury, help end that isolation.

By enrolling in an adult day services program, participants are able to enjoy activities and reestablish friendships, all while receiving medical care, nutritious meals, and assistance with personal care when or if needed. Adult day service programs can also provide transitional care and follow-up after a hospital discharge and can play an important role in chronic disease management.

Caregiver support and respite are also a fundamental part of adult day services. The responsibilities of caregiving are often physically and emotionally exhausting, yet the desire to care for a loved one at home is strong. Adult day services provide an alternative to assisted living or nursing home care. Families know loved ones are safe and secure while they are at work or at rest.

At Trinity Living Center, a registered nurse, certified nursing assistants, and on-site caregivers are available to provide health care management as well as assistance with personal care in a safe, secure, and supportive environment. Trinity Living Center also offers:
  • Nutritious hot meals, special diets, and snacks
  • Activities in the arts, exercise, outings, entertainment, and special events
  • Companionship with friends and contemporaries
  • Community service opportunities
  • Medication administration and/or treatments as ordered by a physician
  • Transportation for many Rowan County residents
  • Bathing, beauty and barber shop
Families and Caregivers receive:
  • Respite during the day
  • Coverage while at work
  • Emotional support and educational opportunities
  • Access to resources and assistance in care-planning

Fees and Financial Assistance

Program fees range from $63 to $73 per day, depending on the needs of the participant. Transportation fees are $6 each way per day. Bathing is also available at $22 per bath. Financial assistance is often available for those eligible.

To enroll or to schedule a free day of care, contact the program director by email at or call 704-637-3940.

*All participants are required to submit a completed Medical Report and a Meal Modification form at the time of enrollment.

Medical ReportMeal Modification Form