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Defining the culture of LSC

By May 18, 2023No Comments

LSC spends a great deal of time and energy on our Vision, Mission, and Values.  And we should, since that continues to be our North Star for all we say and do.

We are always looking for ways to explain and enhance those core documents.  We have started accumulating phrases that support, protect, and defend our Vision, Mission, and Values. This is defining our culture. Sometimes it’s hard to put into words, but we need to do so to explain ourselves and to share our culture with new teammates as they join us. So far, the list includes:

  1. Love one another. That’s an easy one. This was Christ’s command to all of us. It encompasses our Justice philosophy to be in a right relationship with God and with each other.
  2. Steady as she goes. This is a navy term for let’s keep moving in this right direction. It’s easy to get stopped or redirected by the problem of the day. LSC wants to keep steady even in rough seas.
  3. Embrace the chaos. Health and human services is messy, hard. Imperfect people caring for imperfect often hurting people and underfunded by the government is the recipe for chaos. People that can’t embrace that chaos can’t thrive in health and human services.
  4. Be the buffalo. Out west, when cows see a big nasty thunderstorm coming, they run away which means they prolong the agony as the storm finally overtakes them. Buffalo turn and run into the storm! They power through, thus getting through it quicker. It takes great courage to run into the storm.

Okay LSC family, what other phrases define the culture of LSC. I’d like to add to this list. Please email me any thoughts to

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