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Pastor Mary and Wade Finklea receive Spirit of Giving Award

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LSC development teammates attended and assisted in the planning of the 2023 Association for Christian Fundraising (ACF) Faith & Fundraising Conference in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

During the conference, LSC board member and spouse, Pastor Mary and Mr. Wade Finklea, were presented with the Spirit of Giving Award. The award recognizes people who exemplify generous contributions and service with no desire for recognition.

Pastor Mary and Wade Finklea have been strong supporters of LSC for over 16 years.

Pastor Mary Finklea has a long history of encouraging others to give generously, not only to LSC but to other Lutheran and non-Lutheran organizations in her community. She was the campaign chair of the Love One Another capital campaign for LSC which resulted in raising over $1.2 million to expand and enhance programs for children, families, and adults across South Carolina. She invited others to join her in supporting the campaign through presentations, hosting events, and sermons.

Mary Finklea shared previously that she appreciates how LSC goes where the needs are in the world. It makes her proud knowing what it means to be a follower of Jesus, she knows he always goes where the needs are and this mission is important to her. She likes knowing that the wider community sees LSC as a reminder of the Lutheran faith in action.

Her call is with the South Carolina Lutheran Retreat Centers (SCLRC) as the community and congregation engagement coordinator. Mary brings a wealth of knowledge to the SCLRC’s ministry. She serves as a connection between local congregations and the ministries of Camp Kinard and Coastal Retreat.

“Mary and Wade touch the lives of so many people by saying yes to the call to serve,” LSC President and CEO Ted Goins said. “They wholeheartedly believe in the mission of serving God’s people through the talents and time He has provided them.”

Mary and Wade Finklea, along with their numerous pets live in Florence, South Carolina. She is a graduate of Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary and served 12 years as the pastor of Cross and Crown Lutheran Church, Florence, SC.

Wade Finklea, grew up in Pamplico, South Carolina a small town in southeastern Florence County.  He spent his entire life rooted in the Christian faith and spent time in the Baptist Church as well as the Catholic Church. These roots led him to the Lutheran Church and helped him feel right at home with his new church family. He attended Clemson University and graduated with degrees in textile chemistry and civil engineering.

Both Wade and Mary Finklea were drawn to LSC after hearing a presentation about the LSC New Americans Program.

LSC Development wins Creativity Award for video

The LSC Development Team also won the Creativity Award at the conference for its 12 Days of Christmas video. The song was performed by the Trinity Oaks quartet and featured videos and photos from all of LSC’s programs.

The award recognizes excellence in inspiring, inventive work, and includes a $500 cash prize.

If you haven’t seen the video, find it here:

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