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Cohen named You Are The Key winner

By November 21, 2022No Comments

Human Resources Assistant Nehemiah Cohen prefers to be in the background, but his hard work keeps the LSC machine moving forward. That’s why his child and family services teammates selected him as the LSC Way 2021 You Are the Key winner.

“This is very cool and much appreciated. I always prefer to work behind the scenes and complete my duties in the background, but it was nice to know that my peers and coworkers recognize my hard work,” Cohen said.

The LSC Way is a culture of exceptional customer service that aligns the mission, vision, and values of Lutheran Services Carolinas. The program encourages all LSC teammates to lead by example, serve joyfully, communicate consistently, welcome all, and ensure abundant living for all. The You Are the Key Award is given to the exceptional teammate who exemplifies all of these qualities consistently.

“I was excited to hear that Nehemiah was going to get this award. I know how hard he works. He is doing so many great things behind the scenes that we don’t even know he is doing,” Myra Griffie, chief operating officer of LSC’s child and family services, said. “I am so proud to have Nehemiah at LSC. This is a much-deserved award.”

A right-hand man

Cohen has been an LSC teammate for 10 years.

In his role as human resources assistant, Cohen delivers a spectrum of human resources services including processing new hires, working on bi-weekly payroll, and handling various inquiries and questions from teammates.

Originally, Cohen had a different career path in mind since he majored in ancient history. But then he was hired as an office assistant with LSC. As the child and family services program began to grow, Cohen made the full transition to human resources. He added that he became a natural at his position under the guidance of his supervisors, Stephanie Moore and Syhesia Sharpe.

“Nehemiah is my right hand. He is one of the first people new hires have a dialogue with outside of their supervisor and he handles their inquiries with passion and understanding. He embodies LSC’s values,” Sharpe said. “He has integrity, practices excellence, collaborates daily, and respects everyone regardless of their position or tenure.”

On the award nomination form, another teammate wrote that Cohen is “someone who has strong character and serves joyfully no matter the circumstances.” This teammate went on to say he always communicated quickly and was extremely patient, kind, and understanding as they learned their new position.

“It is clear to me that he is committed to LSC and the clients we serve,” the teammate wrote. “It is truly an honor to work with him.”

When asked about the LSC Way, Cohen said it’s a great way to increase company morale while also recognizing outstanding teammates that go above and beyond to assist fellow teammates or clients.

According to his peers, that sentence above perfectly describes Cohen himself.

“He makes me proud to say that we are teammates,” Sharpe said. “Nehemiah is a great asset to the child and family services program and LSC as a whole.”

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