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‘He fit in perfectly’: Thompson family shares foster care to adoption story

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When Mel and Sherry Thompson met Jason, they knew he was meant to be part of their family.

“He fit right in with the family. We are very vocal and like to play and have fun together,” Mel Thompson said. “He fit perfectly into that, and the entire family loves him.”

The Thompson family lives in Sumter, South Carolina where Mel Thompson is the pastor of Lewis Chapel United Methodist Church. Even though they have three biological children, the couple decided to become licensed foster parents with LSC in 2020.

“My wife had done fostering before, it had always been on her heart,” Mel Thompson said. “Then being a pastor, we met a lot of children in the churches that I was associated with that needed people or a place to stay for one night. It broke our hearts to see these children in need, so we started the foster care process.”

Once they were licensed, they didn’t have to wait long for a placement. Five days later, they got a call about Jason.

“They pulled up with him and he peeked over the door in the car. We started getting emotional and were immediately attached,” Mel Thompson said.

That was October 2020, and by Christmas, the couple knew they wanted to adopt him.

The couple began the adoption process in 2021 and in January 2022, Jason was officially adopted and became a member of the Thompson family. It was a natural fit in every way, even down to the names. The couple’s biological children are Justin, Jake, and Julia. And now they have Jason.

You can hear the smile in Mel Thompson’s voice when he talks about his son. Jason loves the outdoors, fishing, and all types of animals.

“We love him dearly,” Mel Thompson said. “We asked God for this, and that’s why we believe it worked out the way it has.”

The couple is still fostering with LSC as well.

“It’s God’s calling for us. This is where we are supposed to be and who we are supposed to be,” he said. “We are here to show love to someone who hasn’t received love.”

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