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Trinity Village food pantry is a blessing to teammates in need

By December 29, 2021No Comments
Woman and man load food into van to take to the pantry at Trinity Village.

Everyone can use a little help sometimes. That’s why Trinity Village keeps its food pantry stocked to assist teammates when they are in need.

The inspiration for the food pantry came from former residents, Joel and Ann Reece. When Ann moved into Trinity Village, Joel decided to use his giving heart to help those teammates who were taking care of his wife.

“He was big into ministry and making sure the community was fed and taken care of,” Trinity Village Activity Assistant Debbie Moritz said. “Joel would come every month and bring bags of groceries to pass out to any employee in need.”

Even after his wife passed away, Joel continued to drop off the groceries. When he got sick and moved into Trinity Village, teammates decided to keep the food pantry going in honor of him. Joel eventually moved to Florida with his son and has since passed away.

But he would be happy to see that his small idea of feeding the healthcare heroes has gone a long way.

Moritz and other teammates stock the pantry with food from People Offering Relief From Community Hunger (Porch) House Ministries. She said the project has been extremely helpful for a lot of teammates.

“Joel and Ann were so good to us when they were here,” Moritz said. “We just decided to keep doing it in memory of him.”

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