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Help us get HB 914 over the finish line!

By June 29, 2021No Comments

Friends of LSC and Citizens of North Carolina,

Our advocacy for direct care workers is paying off, but we need help to push this over the finish line.  The Senate has agreed to a $1,500 a year bonus for direct care workers for each of the next two years.  While that’s better than nothing, it is completely inadequate to address the greatest labor crisis in modern history.  Please urge the House leadership below and any House members you know to hold the line in favor of House Bill 914.  Health and human services providers must be reimbursed enough to pay a competitive wage to attract the teammates we want to care for our mothers and grandmothers!

Reach out to the legislators that represent you and ask them to support HB914. You can also help by contacting the key legislators who make the budget decisions listed below.

Representative Kristin Baker representing Cabarrus

Office Phone: 919-733-5861   Email:

Representative Larry Potts representing Davidson

Office Phone: 919-715-0873   Email:

Representative Wayne Sasser representing Stanly, Cabarrus, Rowan

Office Phone: 704-982-8003   Email:

Representative Donna White representing Johnson

Office Phone: 919-889-1239   Email:

Representative Donny Lambeth representing Forsyth

Office Phone: 919-733-5747   Email:

Representative Jason Saine representing Lincoln

Office Phone: 919-733-5782   Email:

Representative Dean Arp representing Union

Office Phone: 704-282-0418   Email:


You can read more here.

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